Yacht Charter

Isn’t it time to treat yourself to a once in a lifetime experience?

Whether on a private vacation with friends or family or with colleagues on a company trip, we guarantee unforgettable days on board.

Our deluxe yacht charter is like no other yacht charter in its class. We aim to bring our guests the highest standard of service and overall travel experience while at sea and away from home. With our guests overall satisfaction in mind.

With our 42 years of experience sailing the islands we will be most helpful in guiding you with the best itinerary suited for you and your fellow guests. You can decided if you fancy a more romantic, secluded voyage and anchor at quiet bays or if you want to be closer to shore and enjoy the vibrant day and night life.
The choice of menu is also catered to your wants and needs during your trip. We cannot guarantee that everything will be available since we are dependent on the host country’s supply of foods and produce but every attempt will be made, as well as suitable suggestions based on your preferences or dietary needs.

Sometimes we cater to very prominent clientele’s needs, thus, we offer a higher level of service which include limousine and/ or helicopter transfers and security, if needed. These benefits are provided in consultation with your personal office and will be delivered by external professionals.